If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know I have this weird obsession with CMT’s “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team“. I mean, I always like dance-related shows, but there’s something about this one!

I’m not sure if it’s making fun of some of the girls for knowing nothing about football (SMH), or just seeing how hard they work. I wasn’t a cheerleader, but my best friend, in high school, was. She was also a really talented gymnast, and hated that cheerleading got no respect.

Yes, there are lots of squads that just stand around and look pretty. The DCC do that and show out with talent. If you’ve never danced, memorizing choreography (literally dozens of routines), all while smiling is not easy. It takes mental strength as well as physical strength and aerobic fitness to pull off.

No, it’s not the hardest thing in the world — especially compared to the sport they are cheering for — but that doesn’t mean it’s “easy” either. They just make it look that way. Maybe that’s why I’m so intrigued. I took ballet for 10 years. I understand. 😉

Anywayyyyyy, as announced on Facebook, the show returns to CMT on Thursday, October 20 at 10/9c (ET). Looking forward to it! I hope this season shows more of the fitness/training aspect of the camp with Jay. I really missed that.