When Chris Brown announced that he was going on tour, I held my breath that he would include at least one date near me. Most tours seem to think the Midwest equals Detroit/Chicago and that’s it. Suz is not cool with this trend at all!

(Also, please save your vitriol re: Breezy for somebody else. This is my blog and I honestly don’t care if you don’t like him and/or don’t think anyone else should either. I do, so deal with it.)

Anyway, to my surprise, he released the tour dates and there were *several* that were in driving distance! Now, there were conflicts for a couple, but the Cincinnati date (which was originally supposed to be Cleveland lol) stood out & I bought my ticket the second the pre-sale began. I ended up in Row M, direct center. That was plenty close for someone who is a self proclaimed “concert snob”.

Here’s how close I was, with my camera completely zoomed out.

The stage from my seat
It’s kinda blurry, but the big rings are where the main stage area is

And below are the best of the pics I took. (My video is already on YouTube)

Chris Brown performed his ass off when he took the stage in Cincinnati. I didn’t expect anything different, really, because he’s a natural entertainer. Still, the show exceeded my expectations and vaulted itself into my Top 5 all-time shows with the likes of Lauryn Hill and Joss Stone. Well done, Breezy!