I know I took entirely too long getting a new theme up in here, but it’s now here! Ta-da!

I thought it was pretty, so I went ahead and put it up! I vow to change the theme more often than I have been. So welcome to version 3.0 for KissMyBlackAss.org.

I’m surprised I even got this up seeing as how I am completely sucked into the Olympics. But since the swimming week is over, I’m a little less into things than I had been.

If you didn’t know, swimming at the Athens Games completely sucked me in and I’ve been active in the swim community ever since then. I’ve been trying my darndest to keep it visible in the years in between with my own website, SwimStars.org. My website gets support from a lot of the Olympic athletes, their families, agents, and the sport’s governing body as well. I’m kind of a big deal. In addition, I’ve designed official websites for a lot of the swimmers such as Dara Torres, Cullen Jones, Mark Spitz, Kate Ziegler, and more!

I urge you, if you enjoyed swimming, to continue to check in on the sport during the next 4 years. People are still doing some amazing things and it’s such a great group of athletes and fans! We’d love to have you!