…is nearly complete! I’m still on the hunt for Red Velvet, then I think I’ll be finished. Below are the shades that I own!

I wear this product, at some point in the day, every day. I really do treat it like a chapstick and my lips are in great shape as the temperatures start to dip down into the 30s.

With the exception of Tutti Frutti, the shades I own are very pigmented. They would very well, IMO, on women of color. I might have to swatch my collection because all of the swatches I saw, prior to purchase, were only on fair-skinned women. Not such a great indicator for WOC lol. Luckily, I happened to choose well! Generally, I go for the bolder colors, as a rule of thumb. It worked out for this product as well.

Now, in the case of Tutti Frutti, it definitely isn’t Coral on my lips! Not nearly enough pigment for that, but what it does do is brighten my lips. I can’t really explain it better than that. A bit of color does show up, but only enough to reflect a little light & brighten up my mouth. I wasn’t counting on it turning out like that, but I really like it. Could find myself using Tutti Frutti much like Fig Jam as an everyday neutral chapstick.

Since my first post on these glorious Lip Butters, I’ve also picked up Lollipop, which is a bright, super-pigmented pink (Think fuchsia). It’s a little bit lighter than Raspberry Pie, but it’s a fantastic shade that shows well on darker skin tones as well as lighter. I think this could be one of those universal colors! (Check out a post from Blush Tree on the comparison between the 2 shades. Isn’t it prettiful?!)

I think the real reason I love Lollipop is because I’ve always had a hard time finding a pretty true pink that shows up on me and doesn’t look ridiculous. I usually have to take the deep Berry shades (which I also love). But since I’ll never be able to wear the baby pink shades of the world, it’s nice that Lollipop is works!

All of the displays I’ve stumbled upon (save the original I saw at BB&B) are so picked through that I’ve yet to find the final shade I desire: Red Velvet. It’s a deeper red than Candy Apple, which I own and love, so I’m still on the lookout. The product should be on permanent display starting in January, so I’m sure I’ll find it soon!