I waited months to upgrade my iPhone to iOS5. I’m part of the Jailbreak Nation, so I wasn’t upgrading until there was an untethered jailbreak available. I don’t want to have to connect my iDevice to my computer every time I reboot. That’s no bueno!

So, with my freshly jailbroken phone running smoothly on iOS5, I decided to go ahead and set up my free iCloud account. Pretty neat! As someone who can’t afford to jump to all Apple products, I still own a PC, and we all know those things are prone to crashes and other random malfunctions that we don’t always know the cause of.

Previously, backing up your iDevice to your computer was the best option we could muster. But what if something happens to your computer? Looks like Apple took this into consideration with the inclusion of iCloud. It now routinely backs up your iDevice to iCloud for easy syncing and restoration whenever you need it!

As a jailbroken iPhone user, I often tinker with my Mattie (that’s my iPhone’s name). Sometimes I mess stuff up, and other times I simply learn how to do new things. This time around I needed to restore my phone, so I decided to test out iCloud, instead of setting up as a new device. So far, so good!

Using an iCloud backup from yesterday, my apps, settings, and music all came back and pretty quickly. And not only that, their settings were there as well. And not just the iTunes Store/Native offerings, but also my jailbreak info. I was under the impression that those apps/settings weren’t included in the iCloud backup. After all, can you imagine Apple allowing that? I think not! Yet, as I started re-installing my jailbreak apps and tweaks, some of their settings were restored as well!

For example, I installed FolderEnhancer and all my native folders (including their names), and my exact icon layout, were restored on Springboard. I didn’t even see a backup feature in that app! Then, the FolderIcons tweak remembered my custom folder icon settings, as well as Twitkafly. Jackpot! (Note: I didn’t use PkgBackup this time around in order to experiment like this.)

So to say I’m impressed with iCloud would be an understatement. It’s extremely easy to use and very convenient!