Not that we usually have real “Spring” around these parts (we usually go from Winter directly to Summer), but the thermostat peaked at 70 degrees today and got me thinking about Spring fashion! I know this is a trap because it will be Winter again soon, but the future will not ruin my current good mood!

I usually can’t wait to bust out all the cute skirts, dresses, and tanks when the weather gets warm, but, in the past, I’ve leaned towards the light and pastel colors in Spring. That is not going to happen this year! I full intend on being bold and bright with my wardrobe! And all the colored jeans/pants that are filling up the web pages of my favorite clothing retailers is just fueling the situation.

I have bright t-shirts, and even 2 bold pencil skirts (in yellow and green). I’ve written a lot about that green one. I was on the hunt for that sucka! But now I want bright pants too!

Express sent me an email with a coupon code (nice touch) but their pants are expensive as hell right now! $80 is not in my budget for a pair of jeans. Sorry. I’d need to wait until they go on clearance. Then I hopped on over to Delia’s and they have colors jeans advertised in its very own section for $40 apiece plus BOGO 50%OFF. That’s what I’m talking about! In all fairness, Express is running that BOGO promo too, but the sum of 2 pairs of pants there would be $120 as opposed to $60 total at Delia’s. No brainer.

I have several pairs of pants and cords from Delias. They offered “longs” before stores like Express and The Limited started offering them. My sizing is very different there, because their clothing is made for young teens without hips and ass (no shade, I swear!), but I’ve learned which size to order so they actually fit. No worries.

I usually don’t like orange clothing, but that bright orange pair of jeans is calling me! I’d like a hot pink pair too. This is about to be troubleeeee!

What trends are you watching this Spring? Are you feeling the bright colors too?