Here it is! After a long road, with a couple of setbacks, I’m finally ready to share my transition from 5k to 10k running podcasts with the world. I’m not calling them “Bridge to 10k” because, after last time around, I’m not taking any chances with copyright problems. They are called “From 5k to 10k”, as suggested on Facebook. (Thanks, Cheeku)

Now, I want to give you some background on the plan. It’s a smorgasbord of a lot of “bridge to 10k” training plans I’ve seen circulating the Internet. Several I’ve seen as simply increasing the run time over anywhere from 6-10 weeks. And others use strictly intervals. I created my own 9-week plan using both concepts. After getting feedback from my Facebook page, most wanted me to stay true to intervals, so I’ve respected that. To be fair, I like intervals as well. So it’s all good!

Week 1, like most weeks, features 3 different workouts. In my plan, there are subtle changes between the interval workouts, like a minute or 2 fewer of walking recovery, but I’ll let you know what’s up.

For Week 1, Day 1, you’ll be doing 10 minute runs, followed by a 2 minute walk repeated 4 times. Download it below or on the 5k to 10k podcast page.

[download id=”24″]

Week 1, Day 2 features a different workout and I will post that tomorrow or Tuesday. Given that you are supposed to do these workouts on non-consecutive days, there’s not rush right now. Keep an eye on this site, or Facebook for all the latest news!