Do you have yours? I don’t!

Usually by this time of year, I’ve already decided on my plan for the year and am well on my way. But this year is different. I didn’t really take any time off, until the temperature spiked and hit 80. Then I was just outside enjoying myself and running. And yes, running is a workout, but it wasn’t planned.

I typically start ChaLEAN Extreme in March, and by April, replace the included cardio, with my own Couch to 5k training. And I did start CE at the beginning of March, but like I said, the warm weather threw me off!

So, what am I going to do? A friend started the new BeachBody Les Mills pump program last month and is absolutely raving about it. It’s a different concept than CE in that it’s about a ton of reps, and mixing up what I do can only help my fitness, right? So, I’m thinking of borrowing her DVDs and seeing if I’m into it. I always love a challenge! (See, I’m not a coach anymore and still allllll about the BeachBody products!)

But at the same time, I’ve still been thinking about an Extreme Body Workout like P90x. Remember I started it last year and promised I’d come back to it? And since then, P90x2 has even been released with just as big a buzz, from what I’ve read on 90 Day Review. Decisions!

Whatever I decide, I need to do so relatively quickly. I can’t stand when I’m not on a fitness routine! It creates a nice schedule and calmness in my life that I need! Plus, bathing suit season is drawing near, as well as sundress season. Even though I work out year round, I always ramp it up when the weather starts getting warmer!

What workouts are you doing these days? Anything new and cool? I’m always looking for a recommendation!

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance