Les Mills Pump

NOTE: Keep in mind that I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach. Not that that affiliation ever really affected my reviews on any of their programs. Truth is, I’ve had great results with BB programs, and I’ll continue to suggest them to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.

So, I’m about a month into Beachbody’s home version of Body Pump, called Les Mills Pump, and I’m absolutely loving it! Usually, this time of year, I’m doing a hybrid version of ChaLEAN Extreme couples with c25k training and/or TurboFire. But then LMP was released and it peaked my interest.

In ChaLEAN Extreme, the emphasis is on lifting extremely heavy and slowly, but only for about 12 reps per exercise. Les Mills Pump focuses on using lighter weights, but you’re doing a ton of reps. The instructors frequently reference the “Rep Effect” which pushes your body to fatigue, increases your heart rate, and creates the change in your body.

It’s not a new concept. I have several Jari Love videos that are from the same school of thought. They just never really held my attention enough to do them regularly. (Also, like I’ve said before, I enjoy 90 day programs with a set schedule) But somehow, my body seems to really be responding to LMP. Moreso than the past year or 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme. I think that’s probably because it’s kind of used to the CE workouts and needed a new challenge. Regardless, I’m hooked!

The basic design of each of the “Pump” workouts is doing about 5 minute blocks of a particular exercise(s) with varied rep counts (4 slow, 3 slow/1 quick, 2-2 etc.)

I started out with Pump Challenge, which was a 20 minute video, with exercises like squats, lunges, chest press, dead lifts etc. It’s really a pretty instructional and basic workout and it flies by! I know that if I’m short on time (or lazy) and scheduled for a strength workout, that I’ll reach for that so I’m just doing something active for the day. Plus, the first exercise track plays Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, which I’m still incredibly obsessed with.

Pump & Burn is a 30 minute workout that builds on the foundation you built with Pump Challenge. More squats, chest work, dead lifts/clean & press, & abs. Oh my word, abs! Let me tell you that the walking planks (that’s what I’m calling them) hurt sooooo good! I thought my stomach was going to collapse into itself after I finish that workout! The first time I attempted to do them, was a fail, but a few weeks later, I can see (and feel) the improvement!

I just started doing Pump & Shred and I know that’s going to be one of my favorite workouts. Plus, I love Sheldon singing a long to every song! I’m out of breath more and more sweaty when I finish it. Results!

The plan is do pump workouts 3 times per week. Then on the other days you’re either doing Flow (20 minute yoga) or Hard Core Abs and a 45 minute walk. I know a lot of people follow the schedule to the letter, but not me. In my mind, no 45 minute workout is going to be enough cardio for me. So I sub in a TurboFire workout or go running. I also rearrange so I have at least Sunday (and sometimes Saturday, too) off from working out.

But so far, I can see and feel changes in my body. I don’t weigh myself, because I think it’s pointless. It’s not the determining factor in whether or not I feel fit. It’s if I have muscle tone or parts of my body feel tight. A number on the scale isn’t going to tell me that. My eyes and clothes will! And let me tell you, it’s working; especially in my mid-section. My core is feeling firmer and firmer each day! And I’m noticing more tone in my thighs as well. Not to mention my ass feels tighter. SUCCESS!

At this point in my life, my fitness routine is in place for a healthy lifestyle and toning up. I don’t have any weight to lose. So sometimes, when I participate in programs, it’s not easy to see results; if there are any at all. (I mostly maintain) I am with Les Mills Pump. I’ll check in, again, in another month and let y’all know if the progress is continuing!