Veronica Roth signed my books!

Remember last year when I announced my New Year’s Resolution was going to be reading more? I justified buying my Nook Color, Lula Mae, by saying it’d help me read more. Well, 2011 was slow, as I read 4 books, but that’s 4 more than I read in the past 5+ years combined! Baby steps, right?

Then 2012 came along — specifically The Hunger Games — and now I can’t stop reading! Since March, I’ve read 10 books! Yes, 10! And all of them have been read on my Nook Color! Success!

Something about the Hunger Games trilogy just sucked me in, completely. I was literally obsessed with all things Hunger Games. Still am, to a point! But then the Hunger Games fans recommended another series to me Divergent (It’s only 2/3 completed/released as of this posting). So, I devoured Divergent, and its sequel Insurgent. Fell in love again. I even drove to Cincinnati and met the author at a book signing. I can’t believe I went a book signing! Me! 2011 Suz could never have envisioned that this would have happened, but it has!

So after I got sucked into Divergent (and no, that hasn’t gone away), it was recommended that I check out the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare. There are 5 books, with another on the way, already out and I tore through those relatively fast as well. And it has been added to my book obsessions. That means I can’t let go!

Why can’t I read books like a normal person? Although, I must admit I don’t know much how “normal people” read, nor much of their habits. I assume they, unlike me, can read a couple of chapters per day, detach from the world the book has created, and then continue to function regularly. I can’t do that. Once I start that first chapter, I can’t stop! And even when I take an unwilling break, I’m still thinking about that fictional world I was lost in. Although, I must say my biggest issue is I will read in bed, and before I know it, the sun’s coming up! For instance, I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in 3 days. That can’t be normal, can it?

I don’t know if it’s my book choices or just my reading patterns. I wish I could function on a few chapters per day, but I can’t! Thankfully my schedule allows for me to constantly get lost in books, but I’ll have to study this further.

The only drawback to the majority of my reading choices is that, save The Hunger Games, I keep starting series that are incomplete. I have to wait until Fall 2013 for the final Divergent book, and March 2014 for the final Mortal Instruments book. But, in the case of TMI, they are going to begin shooting the movie for the first book in the series, City of Bones, in August. That should feed my obsession while I wait! I think I seriously need help! LOL

For now, I’m really happy with my choices in reading material and can’t wait to start the next series, The Infernal Devices; a prequel to the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I can’t get enough!

How do you guys read? Do you tear through books like me? Or do you pace yourselves?