You may have seen the display or online reviews for one of Revlon’s newest products, Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup, like I did. You may have even gone so far as to head to your local drugstore to check it out! But if you’re a woman of color, like I am, you may have been disappointed with your trip. And let me tell you why!

Revlon advertises this product as coming in 16 shades. At both CVS stores I visited yesterday, I only saw 7. Yes, 7. And they were all pretty light. The darkest shade, which I wouldn’t even categorize as “dark”, was Early Tan. Very disappointing. Not to mention that, in the picture they use of Halle Berry used to promote the product, she wears Caramel! That wasn’t even available at CVS! How are you going to have your spokes-model wearing a shade that I can’t even buy? What on earth!

Now, I know this is a new product, and they might be rolling it out slowly, but this is not the start that any company wants. Especially for a company many women of color praise due to their usual variety of darker shades. I know many continue to be impressed by the offerings of the Colorstay Liquid Makeup (myself included) that offers many darker shades than what Miss Berry wears.

Revlon.com sells 12 shades, with Caramel being the darkest. That’s my shade, but I’m sorry. That’s not good enough, Revlon. There are many, many shades of brown that are darker than me and you need to look out for those consumers as well; just like you did with the Liquid Makeup. Remember Mocha, Mahogany, and Cappucino? You need to produce those shades as well. And the sooner, the better!

I was able to get my hands on a bottle in the shade Caramel, but I had to go to Target. And that was, indeed, the darkest shade available. The press release said 16 shades would be available. I am hoping those phantom 4 address this issue. Apparently women darker-skinned than Halle Berry are out of luck for right now.

I realize this post is harsh, but it’s purely out of love. Revlon has been owning me, in recent years, from their Colorburst line, to their Ultimate Liquid Lipstick, to their Colorstay foundation, and Lip Butters. I want them to do better because I love them. This is tough love, you see! So, this post isn’t an indictment. I’m willing to give them another month or so to get their acts together. If this product is as good as advertised, I want more women to be able to experience that as well. They can’t if there isn’t a shade available for their skin tone!

I will share my knee-jerk thoughts on the actual product in a few days. But, I just had to get this rant out of my system. I’m impulsive like that!

Has anyone tried this yet? What are your thoughts? Did you have a tough time finding your shade?