Reading books and stuff

I’ve spent the majority of this Summer lamenting my choices in reading material. Not that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read, it’s just that I’ve been diving head-first into book series that aren’t yet complete.

I was spoiled by The Hunger Games trilogy, back in March. I set my goal to read the book before the first movie came out. That really meant Book 1, but I got sucked in and tore through the entire trilogy in 3 days. That was only an option because all the books had been published. That hasn’t been the case with what I’ve read since then and it’s absolutely killing me!

After The Hunger Games, I dove into the Divergent trilogy, by Veronica Roth. When I started, only book one was available, but the second book, Insurgent, was being released in a week or so. So I easily went from Book 1 to Book 2, then found out the final book in the trilogy wasn’t being released until FALL 2013!

I apparently still didn’t learn my lesson, because the next books I read was Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. Originally it was supposed to be a trilogy, but then she decided to extend the story by 3 more books. But that’s not it. She had also started writing a prequel series of sorts, called The Infernal Devices and neither set is complete!

When I started reading The Mortal Instruments, Book 5 had just been released. And, as is my habit, I immersed myself in the series and finished those 5 books in a little over a week. I then saw that the final book wasn’t coming out for TWO MORE YEARS! WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! So, then I moved onto the Infernal Devices. I found Book 1, Clockwork Angel, to be rather slow until about halfway though. As a result, it took me a month to get through that first book. Was this a sign that I could read like a normal person? Nope. I read Book 2, Clockwork Prince, in 24 hours. Now I’m bummed all over again because the final book in this series doesn’t come out until March 2013.


And so it happened again. But now I’ve learned my lesson. I am not going through this anymore! I have zero patience and waiting for my fave movies and books to come out will be the death of me!

So, as I looked through my “To-Read” list (which is dominated by young adult and/or dystopian fiction titles), I first checked to see if the series was complete. I’m not going through all this angst and “feels” if I don’t absolutely have to!

The Delirium trilogy, written by Lauren Oliver, book 3 doesn’t hit bookstores until Spring 2013, so I won’t be starting that one this summer. I’ll start those a week or so, before the final book is released.

Same deal with Michael Grant’s Gone series, which sees its final book release some time in 2013. It’s a longer series (6 titles), so I would look to start reading them about a month in advance.

So, after combing through my list, I’ve decided that I’ll be reading James Dashner’s The Maze Runner trilogy next. All 3 books are out. I also see that a prequel book is coming out in a few weeks, but that’s of no concern to me right now. I don’t have to wait a year — or 2 — for the series to be completed, so I’m all over it!

And believe you me, I’ve learned my lesson! These authors shall torture me no more!