Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a massive College Football fan. My obsession is probably unhealthy, but we all are probably a part of some type of fandom; be it sports, movies, books, TV shows, musicians etc. I’m so into my Ohio State Buckeyes that I rearrange several parts of my life so that I never miss a thing. Case in point: I redo my workout schedule so that I don’t have anything set for Saturdays. Yes, I’m that serious.

Well, college football came back into my life today and I couldn’t be happier! Couple that with the fact that I will be going to the 2012 Ohio State season opener Saturday and I can barely contain my excitement. (I don’t expect to get any sleep tomorrow night) I will sit and watch any college football game that comes on TV, no matter the team. There’s no other sport where I do that. March Madness doesn’t count. That’s just 2 weeks. I mean, as I write this entry, I’m watching BYU and Washington State. I care not for either of those teams!

And although I’m obsessed with the College game, the same can’t be said for pro ball. I follow exciting players and all former Buckeyes, but it’s not the same to me. Every year, I’m tempted by Fantasy Football and the betting scene, but haven’t been able to take that next step. I’ve seen how my friends/family are, when it comes to Fantasy Football, and I don’t need another obsession like that to distract me from the one I already have!

And I probably would give betting a go (the legal way), but there’s so much to learn! It’s been recommended I take a look at, but I’ma scurred. It’s a lot to absorb and I’m not much of a gambler. We’ll see, though!