I almost never get sick. Seriously, it only hits me every 4-5 years. For real. I caught a little cold a few weeks ago because I’m an idiot. I washed my hair, didn’t fully dry it, then slept with my window open. Yup. Seven days later, I had a sore throat, which is always the beginning symptom to all my colds.

My colds are really tame. I’ll have a bit of a cough (after the Day 1 sore throat subsides), and that’s about it. Blow my nose, and rid my body of the phlegm, and I’m good.

During my cold, I had to back off of my usual workout routine. I was about 3 weeks into Round 2 of Les Mills Pump. I was bummed, but I had to fight this cold off. I kept my workouts pretty short. Did some “beginner” Turbo workouts every other day, given I didn’t have a cough attack.

After I shook the cold, however, I thought, “let me jump right back into my Les Mills Pump rotation!” The next day, I was hurting!

I was so sore! More sore than I can remember! It was like I hadn’t ever done a squat or lunge before! I dismissed it as rust and did a TurboFire workout (instead of a 30 minute walk). That wasn’t any better than the LMP soreness! Since I was easing myself back in, I did Fire 30. I always use that when I’m short on time, or lacking motivation. I actually call it “The easy workout”, so imagine my surprise when I was completely out of breath at times. Like, I was dying! I was so frustrated. I’ve gone days/weeks without working out and still been able to knock out Fire 30 like it was nothing!

Then it dawned on me that my cold really did a number on me. I mean, I’ve heard that it really breaks you down, moreso than just being idle, but I’ve never experienced it before. I mean, I referred to the 2 weeks that the Olympics were on as “Fat Week #1” and “Fat Week #2.” I did not lift a finger those weeks. I sat on my rear, ate extremely poorly, watched The Games, and did not even think about working out. After those 2 weeks, I started Round 2 of LMP and didn’t miss a beat.

But a cold has a different effect on your body. I’ve read that your body feasts on certain nutrients when you’re sick, and if there aren’t enough in your body, it’ll come from your muscle. So, basically I need to chill and take it easy. If I take it slowly, I should be back to my previous level of fitness in a couple of weeks.

This episode just reinforced how important my health and fitness are to me. When I can’t work out like I expect to, I’m really out of sorts. It gives my day some structure, so not being able to work out, just throws a kink in everything I do. I hope I don’t take my fitness for granted again!

And now I’m off to do another “easy” workout! Baby steps!