Ahhhh, so months later, I finally get around to sharing my thoughts on Revlon’s newish foundation, the Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup. All any of you really know about my feelings on this product is that it’s really not WOC-friendly. FYI, every time I go to drugstores around town, the darkest shade is still Caramel. * continues to side eye Revlon*

Anyway, before I dive into my review, let me sum it up quickly: I LOVE IT!

Let us not forget that Revlon’s Colorstay Makeup (Oily/Combo formula) has reached holy grail status in my life. I’ve been using it almost exclusively for the past 2 1/2 years. It’s that good to me. My face has the potential to turn into an oil slick and the original Colorstay liquid makeup is the only thing that keeps it matte all day without breaking me out. It’s magic!

I don’t even remember why I jumped on the bandwagon for the Whipped Creme makeup. Honestly, it doesn’t take much. Internet buzz and actual beauty blogger reviews factor greatly into whether or not I choose to give a product a try. Apparently, I was impressed enough (combined w/ some killer coupons, no doubt) to give it a go!

I know I must have tried it, even if it was only for a few hours, when I first got it, but I honestly don’t remember my initial reaction. I usually write a knee-jerk post, but it seems I didn’t. Maybe that was because I was still fuming over the lack of shades? Or maybe it was because I didn’t like it? Actually, it was probably because I was lazy. After I finished my ‘From 5k to 10k’ podcast set, I got really bad about blogging. I fell off. And I apologize for that!

But back to my review. I love the packaging. It’s a big sturdy jar that looks pretty classy. I haven’t dropped it yet, but I’m guessing that if you did, it probably wouldn’t shatter. No, I wouldn’t recommend trying it! You unscrew the top to reveal an additional sanitizing white lid. Then you get to the product. It definitely lives up to its name of “creme”, but it’s a pretty thick cream. You will not confuse this with a liquid, and as a result, it’s pretty easy to apply.

To keep the germs at bay, I don’t dip my makeup brush into the product. I take a new sponge or q-tip and scoop some product out and put it on my hand and work using that. My standby makeup brush is the Sonia Kashuk Highlighting brush. When I discovered the Colorstay Makeup, this was the brush everyone recommended. I still have that same brush (even though I bought a backup too) that I use. I wash it after every use and it’s still like new. Ladies, take care of your makeup brushes. Even $13 ones can last forever!

So I stipple on the product, section by section, to get the coverage I want, and it settles into a nice airbrush and matte-like finish. I like the way it looks right after application. But it doesn’t stay that way forever. It gets better as the hours pass. I know us oily girls think of “dewey” as a swear word, when it comes to our makeup, this this dewey finish it great! It just looks very natural. Not oily at all, but a nice glowy finish after a couple of hours. You might still blot, but only if that’s your preference, regardless of which makeup you have on your face.

I always set my foundation with a powder; usually with Mineral Veil, but lately I’ve been using Black Opal’s Invisible Oil Blocking powder (review coming on that). It wears well for hours and is definitely a long wear foundation. I never retouch my makeup during the day, so I can’t say if anyone else will need to or want to. The most I only do is blot. And that’s once. If you do decide on retouches, it could be kind of hard being that the jar is so heavy and not travel-friendly.

I didn’t give this makeup a long tryout over the summer. I kind of wished I had, so I could compare my thoughts on it then to what I’m thinking now. I’m willing to bet I may have been a different issue with summer humidity. Guess I won’t know until next year!

Long story short, I really like this foundation. I think I may end up wearing it more than my usual Colorstay Liquid this winter.

Extra notes: There’s no SPF in this foundation. So, you’ll have to get that from a moisturizer. Also, while they still advertise there being 16 shades, I only see 12 available in stores and online.