I’m not gonna lie. Almost every time Bare Minerals is presented on QVC, my ass is parked in front of a TV watching what’s new. I’ve had Bare Minerals for yearsssss now. And it all started with their very popular starter kit, that I got from Sephora. I got it so long ago that some of the shades and products in that kit are no longer available. Wait. I think it’s been 10 years. Sheesh!

Anyway, I really like Bare Minerals even though it’s not in my main makeup routine. I almost exclusively use their brushes, though. The exception is the Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush. I don’t think Bare Esceuntuals makes a stipling brush, but if they did, I’d probably have it.

The last Bare Minerals I bought from QVC was a 3-piece blush set. I don’t use it much, but mostly because I’m too lazy or late to do a full face. Blush only gets applied when I’m not rushing, and I’m always running late. But the brush was fantastic! And before that, I think I picked up a deluxe sized Mineral Veil. Up until this month, I used the MV every time I put on makeup to set my foundation. Lately, I’ve been using a powder from Black Opal.

As of this post, I’ve watched a total of 4 hours of Bare Minerals on QVC in the past day. Don’t judge me, dang it! But I’ve not pulled the trigger on anything! Seeeeee? Not so bad!

I think my main issue with the QVC specials is that the sets they put together don’t really speak to me. They’ll have 8-piece sets and 15-piece sets and I’ll see like 3-4 pieces that I want in them, but that’s it. I know it’s still a savings over suggested manufacturers’ prices, but I just can’t buy something I don’t think I’ll use. Especially beauty-wise. I just told y’all how often I do a full face!

If a set contains lip products I probably won’t buy it. Why? The colors they choose are supposed to be universal for all skin tones, but they really aren’t. Most of those shades are extremely light to fit the fair-skinned masses. Those shades won’t show up on my darker lips, so I don’t buy lip sets. I don’t really need to, though. Revlon lip products still own me.

I’m also hesitant to buy their eye shadow sets, partly for the same reason. The “dark” colors included usually include shades of brown. I like brown a lot. My skin is brown. But when you give me colors that are the same shade of my skin, and that’s as dark as you go, it’s not going to cut it. It won’t show up on my eyelids. I’m always on the lookout for a good brown eye shadow and eyeliner that shows up on brown-skinned girls and looks flattering. (If you have suggestions on that, I’d love to hear it!)

The 2 things I almost bought today were a 5-piece brush set and an 5-piece eyeliner set. The thing that held me back from the eyeliner set was that I was secretly hoping it would be on Easy Pay. Then I might have jumped. I’m going to make a big effort, this winter, to do more eye makeup. As it stands now, I do face and lips. And like I said, I pretty much already have a pretty good Bare Minerals brush collection, so I didn’t think I needed more face brushes. If it had just been eye brushes, I might have jumped. Check out my BM brush collection below…

Because I focus on coverage for my face, overall, you see I have a lot of face brushes. I do not have a single high quality liner or shadow brush. That’s up next. I may actually just go into my local Bare Escentuals Boutique and ask a makeup artist to help me pick out some shadows that will work perfectly on my skin. Perhaps a birthday present to myself?

So, basically I saw some things that made me think “oooooh, I think I’d like that!”, (and could have bought them) but ultimately passed. Self control, y’all! Self control! One of my friends lamented that maybe QVC should let us build our own sets. I would be allllll over that! I enjoyed makeup talk for these 4 hours. Watching Lisa & Leslie on QVC is like hanging out with friends and geeking out together over things we love. I got some ideas for the future, but ultimately, kept my wallet on lock down. Win-win situation, right?

Until next time!