Untethered jailbreak, where are you?

It’s about that time! And by that, I mean time for me to renew my cell phone contract and upgrade to a shiny, new phone! For the past 4 years I’ve been a card carrying member of “Team iPhone”, beginning with the 3G model and most recently the iPhone 4. But now, with the iPhone 5 currently available, it’s not a lock that I stick with the iPhone. And the reason for that is because there is no untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 or iOS6 available. Y’all know I require my iPhone to be jailbroken. I’ve become accustomed to the 3rd party apps/tweaks and refuse to use a stock iPhone. They’re so boring. I had my 1st iPhone for just 1 month before I jailbroke it, and have remained so ever since!

In my opinion, having a jailbroken iPhone (which is legal, BTW) is like having your cake and eating it too. I feel I can do all the things that Android phones tout, but still get remain on the priority mobile platform when it comes to apps. iPhone users don’t have to wait months/years when a new app gets released and blows up in popularity. It’s generally the platform of choice for brands and developers. (e.g. Instagram, Viddy, Cinemagram Pinterest etc)

Apps are really huge for me. I currently have 95 apps installed. Yes, 95. That is a lot, y’all. And that’s just from the App Store. (That’s not counting Cydia’s 3rd party offerings.) Switching to an Android phone not only means I have to get used to a new operating system, but also have to find replacements to all the apps I’ve become familiar with over the years. That could prove to be exhausting. And, in some cases, futile, because I bet a lot of these apps don’t have an Android equivalent. The Apple App Store is the best, and it isn’t even close, in my opinion. Are Android apps expensive? Are the app developers quick to update? These are the type of questions I ask myself.

And then there’s the non-native/3rd party developer system. Cydia on the iPhone is a collection of great minds that continue to provide innovative and functional solutions and add-ons for users who jailbreak their phones. How big is the Android counterpart? Do they work well together? How often do new ideas get introduced? How are those prices?

Another issue is that I love having my iPod a part of my phone. I have a first gen iPod whose battery is practically dead. (I can only play it while plugged in. Seriously) One of my dear friends sent me her old iPod nano, a few years back, so I’d have to use that. And carry 2 devices around. I mean, I know you can still play music on Android phones, but I’m not familiar with the system and I like iTunes for my music needs. Do I use Google for storage in the cloud and then play that way? Or do I use the micro SD and some music playing app that’s included?

And then there’s the completely superficial issue like a case. Don’t front. iPhones have the cutest cases on the market. I pride myself on having cool retro cases like the cassette tape, Nintendo Gameboy, and now old school Sony walkman. Are there cool offerings for Android phones? It’s not super high on my list of concerns, but trust that it is there. I’m vain. What can I say?

I am aware that battery life on a lot of the new Android phones are much improved and even the backup battery options are more affordable, so that would be a welcome change. I have to be very careful, while at Ohio State football games, to make sure my battery lasts until the end of the game. It’s a complicated balancing act that I’ve grown quite wary of.

But speaking of vain, I like making my own themes for iPhone. No, you can’t do with a stock iPhone, but you can jailbroken. I have several repos in Cydia where I share custom themes. Learning how do this, effectively, for Android phones is something else to think about. It’s probably easier, but again, more work for me.

Now, my brother has some type of Android phone. I ordered him to get rid of his lame Blackberry earlier this year and told him to get a Droid or iPhone. He went with a Droid because his hands are huge and he thought a bigger phone would be better for him. I’m not mad. He actually tweets and Facebooks regularly now and his phone can take good pictures. That’s a huge step up!

These are all things I’ve just started to research. I’m giving the iPhone Hacker/Devs until February to release an untethered jailbreak for iOS6 on all devices. If they still can’t find an exploit, it may be time to say goodbye to Apple. In my eyes, a stock iPhone is the worst. Android is waaaaaaaay better. And a jailbroken iPhone is a bit better than a Droid. Again, just my opinion.

I need to seek out other power iPhone users who have made the switch and see what their thoughts were. Do they regret doing it? Would they recommend the process to others? Am I going to want to throw the new phone out the window? Have any of you gone through the process? I’d love to hear your thoughts!