Bye, bye 2012

I was inspired by my favorite YouTube personality, Kid Fury, doing a video on his Top 12 People to Stay in 2012, so I thought I’d do a similar thing, but with trends, words, people, and anything else I can think of that annoys me.

At first I was worried I couldn’t think of 10 things do include, but then I thought, “nah, the question is how will I keep the list as short as 10?!” I can already think of things that have in these lists for years, and that will not stop me from including them in my list, if I deem them worthy. This is probably going to be big a list of my Pop Culture pet peeves. There are no expiration dates!

So here goes!

10. Crazy ass weather patterns having names, meteorologists trying to make derecho happen, and power companies screwing customers in the aftermath.
I don’t know about many other places, but here there’ll be a freak storm once every other year or so. And with them come crazy power outages. Customers go days w/o power, and then, in the aftermath the power companies raise rates to make up for fixing their own outage issues. Sounds fair, right? Not to mention these power companies have been posting record profits in recent years. I simply do NOT have the time. They need to cut that mess out and stop screwing customers!

9. Crazy people shooting up our entire country. 🙁
My heart still hurts after the tragedy in Newtown. I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m not willing to just accept that “this is the world we live in” and we can’t do anything about these incidents. I will continue to pray, but I hope we’ve seen the last of these events.

8. Begging for celebrity/athlete RTs and follows
If you’re on Twitter, then you understand this. This needs to stop. These people in the spotlight don’t care. They’re not going to follow you back, and often times, if they do RT you, it’s so you stop harassing them. So, please, cut it out y’all!

7. This is minor, but people who give serious replies to obvious jokes and sarcasm.
I’m a big proponent of sarcasm and I simply cannot stand when people give serious responses to things I’m obviously joking about. Someone really needs to make ‘sarcasm font’ a real thing, because folks on the Internet are wound too tightly.

6. “Niggas/Bitches/Hoes/Dudes be like…” posts & collages
I hate everything about these type of collages that flood my Instagram feed. First of all I hate all use of the N-word, but these posts generally make for of people for saying one thing and completely failing at it, like this and this. As it is with most trends, the Internet runs things in the ground, & this “_____ be like…” stuff needs to stay in 2012.

Read on for my Top 5 things that need to stay in 2012…

5. Instagram-whoring. Selfies, Tweegrams, & screencaps; OH MY! You’re doing it wrong!
My friend Janelle and I just made a video about it because of the amount of fail when it comes to Instagram. So many people doing it wrong. However, if IG continues to take Facebook’s advice and alienate its users, we all may just go somewhere else where people can continue to “do it wrong…”

4. Media not being held accountable for their screw-ups, in the race to be first to report
This is another instance where the Internet and social media age has ruined things. Media, reporters, bloggers, analysts (whomever) just hide behind faux “sources” and say pretty much whatever they want. They want the ad money and eyeballs and don’t care if they’re wrong or not. And when they are wrong, there’s no retraction or apology or anything. It’s as if they didn’t even report that incorrect information. This needs to stay in 2012. Anyone else that screws up that much at work, loses their job.

3. Front-running sports fans
I’ve covered this ad nauseam on Twitter. And remember my post on NBA fans? I only respect sports fans who pick a d team and stick with them through thick and thin. I simply CANNOT stand sports fans that chase superstars and when those stars switch teams, so do they. I respect loyalty. Today’s sports fans don’t got it. Can we just leave those people in 2012?

2. Music Stans / Obsessions over celebrity relationships. Naming, stalking etc.
I might make this a full blown post someday, but “stans” are everything that’s wrong with today’s culture in America. I know it’s not just an American thing, but I feel like we’re the worst offenders. They search their favorite star’s name on Twitter & attack anyone who says something about them that they don’t like. They let their entire lives revolve every move (including the love life) of their obsession. It’s sick and will be the downfall of this country. I’m particularly looking at you, Beliebers, Directioners et al.

1. Taylor Swift
I want to like her. I tried really hard. But I’m sorry, she annoys the crap outta me. Her shocked face whenever she wins an award is up there. Taylor, sweetie, you always win awards. It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, so that fake face needs to stay in 2012. Also, for the love of God, please expand your horizons & find some new things to write songs about other than boys. I’ve got a decade on you, age-wise, and you’ve dated more people in the past 2 years than I have my entire life. SLOW DOWN, YOU STAGE 1 CLINGER! Ideally, I’d just like for her to take a year off and find herself. Come back and join us in 2014, Tay-tay!