It may be the dead of winter here in Ohio, but that just means that the Spring 2013 makeup lines are about to start popping up. On my trip to the grocery store this evening, I spotted some. And, of course, I ended up buying a few things. I shall call it a mini-haul with a few new items from Neutrogena, Cover Girl, and L’Oreal.

In this quick “knee jerk” review, I’m gonna share my thoughts on Neutrogena’s new lip product, MoistureSmooth Color Stick. It seems, after Clinique’s Chubby Sticks took off in Fall 2011, the drug stores brands all rushed to make their own version. For some reason, I didn’t do a review on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, but I was, and still am obsessed with them. How obsessed? I own every shade except the 2 lightest. (They wouldn’t show up on my lips, so why bother?) I keep Romance in my purse, in case I need a pop of color.

Here’s what Neutrogena says:

NEUTROGENA® MoistureSmooth Color Sticks instantly moisturize lips, while continuously conditioning them so they are softer and smoother in just 3 days with nothing on them. Made with fruit extracts along with mango and shea butter, the balm-like formula glides on easily, providing a sheer wash of moisturizing color that lasts for hours. In addition, the twist up package allows for perfect application each time – with no sharpener needed.

You’ll see there’s a pretty big difference between Revlon’s product and Neutrogena’s. Whereas Revlon’s was more of a long-wear product that faded into a stain, Neutrogena’s is far more moisturizing (which is good, considering the product’s name!) but it is not going to last long. It feels great on, and has a fruity taste/smell. But the color payoff leaves much to be desired. They do state that it’s supposed to be sheer, but I’d compare it to your regular chapstick or lip balm, really.

I got the darkest available shade, Rich Raisin. I’ve found that if a lip shade has either Raisin or Plum in it, it will work for me. It did, but I had to apply 3-4 times to get it to show up. I mean, really. And then, I wanted a more “pink” shade, so I also picked up Soft Raspberry. No matter how many times I ran that one over my lips, it didn’t show. Not one bit. Disappointing.

I’d caution Women of Color, or anyone who may have darker/pigmented lips, before buying this product. If you want the same moisture therapy as a quality chapstick — with little-to-no color payoff — that you may have to re-apply every few hours, then this is for you. If you’re looking for more color that is longer lasting, but possibly more drying, I’d still recommend Revlon’s Balm Stain.

Now, it is winter, and your lips may be craving moisture, so these could still be what the doctor ordered! I mean, they feel really, really good on the lips. (I might sleep in these). It’s likely that if I’m seeking moisture, I’ll stick with Revlon’s Lip Butters because they have a lot of ingredients that nourish the lips. And I’m obsessed with them still!

I picked up Cover Girl’s version of this product as well. That review is coming soon!

Check out some pictures below.