I’ve famously blogged about how I always tune in to QVC whenever they premiere new Bare Minerals products. And lately, they haven’t tempted me enough to get me to hit the purchase button… until today!

They got me!

In my last Bare Minerals post, I talked about how I’m most tempted by their brush sets on QVC, and that is exactly what I grabbed today. I get 4 quality brushes for less than $20. I just couldn’t resist! And the price during the 1-hour show was below $20. Now, if you want that set, it’s $25.

But then I saw two new Ready eye shadow quads, and those piqued my interest as well. One of my mini/unofficial resolutions for this year is to get hip to using eye color. When it comes to my makeup routine, it’s almost always been foundation/concealer, then lips, lips, and more lips! I think my lips are the best feature on my face, so I play that up as much as possible. (Hence, all the reviews on lipsticks, glosses, stains etc.)

I noted that I don’t have a single high quality liner or shadow brush, and that those would be next on my purchase list. Well, with what I got today, I got both, plus a foundation and blush brush. Yes, I already have some of those, but it’s not like quality brushes expire. When some of my mainstays fall apart, I’ll have replacements ready!

I’ll be getting:

  • Mini Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Mini Full Tapered Blush Brush
  • Mini Allover Shadow Brush
  • Mini Soft Focus Tapered Liner Brush
  • Brush bag

Comparable eye brushes, when purchased separately, are $18 and $12. Not to mention the Full Flawless face brush at $28 and the tapered blush brush at $15. Yes, these are “mini,” but you can still see the value in this set.

Besides, mini isn’t really all that small. When you hear “mini”, you think you’ll be using ridiculously tiny brushes. In my experience (and I have quite a few Bare Mineral brushes), none of their brushes are all that big to begin with. So mini, to me, basically means great for travel or a permanent spot in a purse or handbag.

I’ve been eyeballing the Ready Foundation for a while and I might take the plunge later tonight. (Another show is airing at 11PM) The QVC package comes with a fantastic new full coverage brush that’s pretty much worth the cost by itself. It depends on what else is being offered in the 11PM show. If there’s a generous return policy, it’s even more likely I’ll make a second purchase today. Lord help me!

So, Bare Minerals may have won this round, but I’ve won so many that I think I’m still ahead in this never-ending war of temptation!