No, he doesn’t play for my school, and yes, he sometimes makes questionable decisions/comments. But seriously, how fun is Johnny Football?! That dude looks like he’s living his life to the fullest and having as much fun as is humanly possible along the way. I know it’s probably not a popular opinion to have, but it’s mine and I’m not ashamed of it!

We had the “Tebow Years” of college football (and yes, I like him too), but the Johnny Football years are going to be sooooo much more entertaining, for pretty much the completely opposite reason. The CBS/SEC shills spent The Tebow Years telling all of us how we would want our daughters to bring home a guy like Timmy. In this era, they’ll probably start telling us that Johnny is the kind of guy we want to party with. At least that’s how I view him. And no, there’s no way I’d be able to keep up!

But I like him, douchebag or not. I don’t need entertainers/athletes/singers etc. to be saints in order to like them. I’ve always been able to separate their exploits from their careers. I’m also not looking for a role model. Mine are in my immediate family; not complete strangers. I’m just looking for ENTERTAINMENT, and Johnny Manziel provides an abundance. He’s a treat to watch on the football field, and even more amusing off of it!

For example, check out this sweet video of him with the Dude Perfect guys.

So, I say, leave Johnny alone and let him continue to entertain me, dammit! I bought all this popcorn, and he’s the perfect reality show to eat while watching!