Even though I am a sports fan, professional football and basketball aren’t exactly my favorite. I’m more of a college sports girl, when it comes to the major sports. I don’t claim any team or fandom. I just look for competitive and entertaining games. That’s all I was hoping for from Super Bowl XLVII. For a while, I didn’t think we were going to get a good game, then the lights went out at the Superdome and momentum shifted, making it exciting right down to the final 4 seconds! Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens!

Now, I took my bathroom breaks, and other absences from the TV during the game. I wasn’t going to miss any of the commercials. They’re a big reason a lot of people even bother tuning in.

Here are my Top 5, in no particular order!

1. NFL, Deion Sanders as Leon Sandcastle

2. Doritos® – Goat 4 Sale

3. Tide, Miracle Stain

4. Taco Bell, Viva Young

5. Bud Light – Lucky Chair

Honorable Mention:
Pulls at your heart strings award: Jeep – “Whole Again”

Dishonorable Mention:
For grossing us all out: Go Daddy – Perfect Match

There were still a few others I enjoyed, such as Amy Flawless Poehler’s Best Buy ad, Calvin Klein’s eye candy for the ladies, and the Oreo whisper fight. But overall, I don’t think this year’s batch was all that great.

Which ads stood out the most to you?