• Faida

    I just got Coral Burst and I like it better than Taj Mahal. I had TJ but took it back. It wore off too dayum fast to be so expensive! I’m loving CB though. I feel like TJ had more glitter but CB is perfect. Not matte but not too glittery.

  • suzdawg

    It’s funny you mention wearing off because I had the opposite experience in that Coral Burst wore off faster for me. I don’t wear blush all that often, but I use Taj Mahal as a sort of bronzer/face brightener. CB seems to have more orange, so it’s more of a “real blush” to me, if that makes any sense! But I really do like it. So much so that I went and bought a backup. It’s Limited Edition. Not taking any chances. Otherwise I’d have to depend on eBay!

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