I know Tiger Woods is a controversial personality to a lot of people. I don’t care about any of that. Yea, it was messed up how he disrespected his wife and marriage. But, unlike the masses, I didn’t really care about Tiger, the man. He was Tiger, the amazingly talented and exciting golfer. Always has been. I don’t give a you-know-what about golf most of the time, unless Tiger is playing.

Fun fact: our 2 year old cat is named Tiger. But mostly because he’s orange.

So, naturally I was watching this past weekend when he won at Doral! He’s had a long road back after his fall from grace, and I think it’s good not only for him, but also for the sport. People care when Tiger’s relevant and performing well. Just how it is!

But I must say I’ve watched far more golf, in 2013, than I probably have in years, but it’s not all Tiger. My Dad had a 2-week stint in the hospital last month and I went to visit him every day. And if it was Thursday-Sunday, he had golf on. Thus, I’d watch golf with him for hours, with or without Tiger Woods.

One thing I kept noticing, every time we’d watch, is all the hats plastered with Cleveland Golf. Living in Ohio, I thought “ahh, Cleveland!” Later my Dad informed me that they don’t really have any connection to the city of Cleveland. Of course. The founder’s last name is Cleveland. But, as a non-golfer/fan, that I even know the brand is pretty big, right?

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Cleveland Golf offers a myriad of products for the casual golfer all the way up the professionals. You can get clubs like golf putters and/or golf drivers, and yes, I know the difference between those close as well. You can also get accessories, like bags, towels, and gloves, as well as an informational blog and tour schedule.

Between the brand name plastered on hats and bags, to the commercials, and super sleek website, I’d say Cleveland Golf is doing a great job of marketing themselves. When my Dad gets back to full strength, maybe I can hook him up w/ a little something from Cleveland Golf? Father’s Day is coming up…

So, maybe I’m not such a non-fan after all? Well, I did take golf lessons as a child! But that was mostly because my older brother was taking them and I just had to do everything he did. Y’all know how it is!