I was just telling Facebook, the other day, that I was looking to check out Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line after having seen a lot of really positive reviews.

If you’re not familiar, Drew Barrymore launched a new makeup line, called Flower Beauty, which is being sold exclusively at Walmart. It’s not at every Walmart, though. The company proudly touts the fact that all products are Made in the USA and not tested on animals. The prices are comparable to what you’d pay for most drugstore brands, ranging from $4.98 to $13.98.

As you can see from the pic I took above, there’s a full range of products, including 181 different items for your face, lips, eyes, and nails. But what caught my eye was Flower’s BB balm/cream. Unlike most of the drugstore brands, there was actually a shade for women of color. That impressed me. I may check it out BECAUSE I ACTUALLY CAN! (See picture below)


Based on reviews I’ve read (or watched on YouTube) I decided to pick up a couple of items; the Blue Lagoons eye shadow quad and one of the cream eye shadows, in Mum’s the Word. If I like them, I’ll be sure to pick up more and review them.

I’m actually about to go watch some more YouTube reviews. Looking at them, I know I wouldn’t do my own video reviews. Not that I don’t think I’m absolutely hysterical on camera — because I totally am — but because my face is currently going through it and is absolutely not camera ready. Is it just me or does just about everyone who does makeup videos on YouTube have great skin? Now, I know most are wearing makeup, but you can tell that even without it, their skin isn’t bad. Mine’s bad. Acne scars and pock marks, from my teenage years, that makeup doesn’t cover well enough for an up close and personal HD webcam. I’m not trying to scare y’all.

But then I wonder if it’s a case of everyone just having superior lighting. I’ll admit my set-up isn’t the best. For example, my light source is completely in the wrong spot. But that can be fixed! Whether you want to record a video for YouTube or need a light for Skype, your video situation can always be upgraded. Having the right light setup can make all the difference. I’ll have to think about this. And then, also move my webcam a little farther away from me. I’m just thinking of my viewers/visitors! You’ll thank me later!