It’s that time of year again! The time of year when we furiously fill out brackets and try to predict what wild and crazy ending will come from the NCAA Tournament!

I don’t know about anyone else, but this year has been absolutely crazy when it comes to college basketball. Last year, everyone knew Kentucky was the best and would likely win it all. This year, it truly is anyone’s game. Get hot at the right time, and your team could be hoisting that trophy!

We’re only one day in and there have already been some pretty big upsets, such as Harvard taking down #3 seed New Mexico and Oregon beating Oklahoma State, although that really wasn’t much of an upset since a lot of folks thought Oregon was seeded too low.

We’ve also seen some ridiculous blowouts! VCU took Akron behind the woodshed and left them there for the woodland animals. Syracuse did the same, dismissing Montana by 47 points. And Gonzaga narrowly escaped the first #16 seed upset of a #1 seed.

Personally, I like my Buckeyes’ chances again this year; especially for getting back to the Final Four. We shall see, though. You never know until the games are played!

Have you filled out any brackets? Who do you have going all the way?