Someone, please alert the media. Suz entered a contest and actually won! And it wasn’t something I didn’t want or a “free vacation that I can unlock if I give my SS number.”

I’m ecstatic! Seriously, I never win anything!

I’ve got the Milani Cosmetics account on my Makeup and Beauty Twitter list. I happened to browse at the right time yesterday to see there was a contest. I followed and entered. Then, right before bed I see that I’ve won! What did I win? All that’s in the picture above; 4 Color Statements Lipsticks and 1 Color Statement Lipliner. And it’s funny because I had been watching a lot of YouTube reviews on those lippies and was wanting to try them. Now, I get the opportunity to do so for free!

This is some really good news as I spent the majority of my late night feeling sad because my dear cat Puddles is probably days away from passing away. A much-needed pick me up indeed!