Bare Minerals was the Today’s Special Value all day Saturday (April 20th) and so, Bare Minerals was on air 5 times in a 24 hour period. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I watched 90% of all of those shows too. You don’t know me! Actually, you guys do. Very well. Just search “Bare Minerals” on this blog and you’ll see how much I talk about them.

Anywhoooo, I never buy the major products or TSV sets. There’s always a bunch of stuff I don’t want, and even though they offer killer deals, I still never jump. That didn’t change this weekend. As of this post, I still haven’t bought anything since January’s raiding of my bank account. Actually, it didn’t even do that much damange. I bought a $20 brush set off of QVC and a super discounted 8-color eyeshadow palette for $21 (regularly $40) in my local boutique. See, not bad?

Last month, QVC hosted Bare Minerals for a couple of shows and they premiered a lip product that really caught my attention: double-ended Lip Quickies! The dubbed “Modern Florals” collection contain three bright and vibrant spring colors, 3 more muted colors, and a super cute bag (with an attached mirror). I perked up when they showed it, but I wasn’t at a place where I could splurge, even though the total, with shipping, would only be $33.59.

They showed the Modern Floral Lip Quickies again over the weekend and the price is still the same. Considering one solo Lip Quickie is $19, it’s a great value. I’m now in a position to purchase, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger. Why?

Background: I sat down and counted the makeup brushes that I have (mostly Sonia Kashuk) and the total was 33. Some were duplicates, but I don’t have a really good way to store them. Right now I’m using the little bags that pillowcases come in. For some reason I kept them, and they have a zipper, so I keep my brushes either in 2 of those, or in the cases they came in and it keeps them clean. I’m not the type to want to put them in a cup or jar on display because of dust/dirt reasons. Regardless of how often brushes are used or I clean, dust still settles on surfaces. And I have acne prone skin. I don’t need the irritation from not-so-clean brushes.

So, Leslie and Lisa showed me a makeup bag during the shows. Actually three different bags! Usually bags are shown as part of a set and the star is the makeup. Not this time! The bags stood on their own! Only one is available for purchase right now, and of course it wasn’t the one that I want. I seriously covet the 3rd bag, which is a brush roll for 20 brushes (see pic at top of this post). As I understand it, I have to sign up for auto-delivery and pay for all three bags, in order to get the one that I covet. And I wouldn’t get it until December!

I’d love to have the Bare Minerals brush roll, but I’m not willing to subscribe to purchases I don’t want in order to get it, or wait until December. Like seriously, guys?! And I wasn’t even thinking about brush rolls until Leslie and Lisa showed me one. Now, they’re all I can think about! You sneaky gals, you! I’ve asked Bare Minerals if bags #2 and #3 will be available for purchase separately, since they actually took the time to show us what they looked like, and how they worked. No one has answered me, of course, so I’m now stalking eBay for brush rolls. I’ve seen some decent ones, so I will watch them until I figure out if I really want them or not. Or if I want to get the Lip Quickies instead. It’s probably an either or, at this point. It’s a process.

Nothing else really grabbed my attention during all 5 of those shows. I was intrigued by a couple of items, like the Bronzing Mineral Veil (super-sized), and their brand new mascara, Lash Domination, but not enough to purchase. What I was really hoping to see was the super duper sized multitasking bisque that is offered up twice a year. I use bisque more than foundation. I find it’s my perfect concealer.

Bare Minerals is usually on, in some way, shape, or form, every month. It may not be a major TSV event, but they’ll usually showcase a few items. If Super Bisque is shown next month, I’ll want to jump immediately, rather than wait it out and curse the day I splurged on Lip Quickies and a brush roll. I’ll sleep on it for another week or so!

Stay tuned!