I use the word “discover” quite liberally as I know I really didn’t discover anything. But if I haven’t smelled it before, it’s new to me, right?

Anyway, I was flipping through the Summer Fashion Issue of Harper’s Bazaar this afternoon. As is customary when I read fashion mags, I take a moment to sniff all the perfume inserts I can. Most of the time they’re entirely too strong for my liking, but I’m still curious enough about them.

TIP: Cut out those inserts and stick them in your sock and underwear drawers. I’ve been doing this for years and love it!

So, I took the 3-4 other samples and cast them aside, while I hung onto the one shining star from this issue, Chloe. It’s described as “a fresh and feminine fragrance with an utterly innate sense of chic.” That’s a lot of talk, but I agree with the “fresh” adjective. It smelled very light to me. I don’t like the heavy and overbearing scents. I don’t even wear perfume spray a lot. I usually stick to perfumed body wash and lotion, like I do with Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. However, I will still add this to my “Wish List” in the unlikely case that there’s a sale at Macy’s or something. You never know!

ETA: When I scored my super fab new handbag, at Marshall’s the other day, I saw a small size of Chloe available near the checkout line for $14.50. Should I take the plunge, it will be there and not Macy’s! Score!