It’s that time of the year where TV studios are having their upfront presentations and announcing which shows got picked up and which are being shown the door. This time around, it doesn’t appear that anything I’m attached to has been killed off (well, except for Smash, which we all figured would be canned due to low ratings and a high production budget). This post is dedicated to new shows — of the reality variety — that I may be tuning in to.

I will say that the whole reality TV trend has gotten completely out of hand. Who knew, when MTV debuted the very first season of Real World, that we’d end up with the over-saturation we’re stuck with now. But you know what they say, “hind sight is 20/20!”

Over the years I’ve watched a lot of reality crap on E! Network. I wasted away, many a night, watching the Kardashians. Now that I’m sick of them, I no longer watch their shows. Instead, I allow my brain to rot while watching what Ryan Lochte would do or couple-centric shows like Married to Jonas and Ice Loves Coco.

I seem to have always loved the reality shows about couples, beginning with Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Ever since then, I’ve watched almost all of them, and will continue the trend when Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric and Jessie premieres on E! this summer. Jessie James is one of my favorite singers and Eric Decker is a talented WR for the Denver Broncos, who used to give my Buckeyes fits when he played college ball at the University of Minnesota; he never beat us, though! I love those two together (they’re engaged now), so I’ll definitely be watching!

E!’s also earning my loyalty by offering TV personality best known as The Tonight Show’s “Ross, the Intern,” his own talk show aptly titled Hello Ross. It’ll cover all things pop culture, which I’ve always been all about. And plus, I absolutely adore Ross Mathews. He’s the cutest thing. So really looking forward to that!

I’m not sure if the network upfront presentations are over or not, but I’m sure some more programs will be on my radar for the summer and fall. And hopefully they all last more than one season!