My Milani Color Statement Lipstick Collection... So Far

Last month I shared that I had won a Twitter contest that saw me receive 4 Milani Color Statement lipsticks and a lip liner. It was great luck as I had heard a lot of good things about the product and was wanting to try it anyway. So, this was the perfect opportunity!

The day I got my lippies, I slapped one of those suckas on my lips, the second I got back inside after gathering the mail. My kneejerk response was that I really liked them. But I wanted to give it a little more attention and wear than that.

So, since then, I’ve been rotating through them, and I’ve even bought a few more. (Y’all know I have a serious makeup hoarding problem, right?) So, now my collection is shades strong. I own Bronze Beauty, Best Red, Black Cherry, Flirty Fuchsia (the ones I won), as well as Flamingo Pose, Orange-Gina, Sweet Nectar, and Uptown Mauve. I wore Uptown Mauve today.

These lipsticks are extremely pigmented. One swipe and you have a lot of color already on your lips. I love that! They last a good amount of time, too. I didn’t ever time it, or anything, but a very long time considering it’s not marketed as a “long wear” lipstick, and doesn’t have the texture of one, either. It feels light and creamy, even though some of the shades are strictly matte or shimmery.

I don’t feel these dry your lips out; instead they sort of feel moisturizing. Basically, the formula is a winner. I didn’t notice any feathering, and it didn’t draw extra attention to fine lines or dryness on your lips. (As a general rule, I like to keep my lips nice and exfoliated whenever I use lipstick, so I can’t expand very much) And when the vibrancy of the color begins to fade, it leaves behind a very nice and natural stain on your lips. I had Uptown Mauve on most of the afternoon and evening today. I even worked out, showered, and ate spaghetti with it on. I call that quite a test!

Here’s what my lips look like after all that!


Impressive, right? After dinner, I didn’t feel any more of the product on my lips anymore, so I just put some chapstick over top and it has new life, thanks to the stain left behind. (The pic above, was before I applied chapstick, & it seemed to fill in the missing color on my lips & look like I had just applied product!) After I finished putting the chapstick on, I checked and there was no transfer. And my lips look great!

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Upon application, there is a really strong scent many describe as fruity. It doesn’t bother me, and it fades after a few minutes, but if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, it’s an FYI.

Also, I’m not as huge a fan of the shimmery and metallic shades. They’re not awful, but I just don’t think the finish looks as impressive as the other finishes (matte, vinyl, cream, and pearl). Also, the shimmers/metallics are a little harder to apply. It’s not as easy as swiping on some color and you’re done. Takes a little extra work, perhaps a lip brush, and everyone knows I’m a lazy person. But I still like those shades, including Orange-Gina. I just won’t be wearing them if I’m in a hurry or if I think I need a touch up or reapplication.

So, in summation, I love these lipsticks and will probably be getting more, in addition to the 8 I already own. I’m obsessed with purple lippies and I’ve yet to see Violet Volt in a store around here. Ugh, as IF! I also haven’t really experimented with the neutrals. I got Bronzed Beauty from the contest, but it was shimmery and I wasn’t blown away. Also, neutrals have always been tricky to me, mostly because what’s marketed as “neutrals” to the masses, aren’t neutral on my darker pigmented lips. I may experiment with some, but only after viewing some swatches on other women of color.

But those are my thoughts. I highly recommend everyone check out the Milani Color Statement lipsticks! Do some Googling around to see some swatches and reviews and whether or not a certain shade will work for your skin tone. I don’t know how many other people do that type of research before buying makeup items, but I do. If you just take a look at the display and a shade calls out to you, that’ll work to! There’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s makeup!