Honestly, when’s the last time you said that out loud? It’s probably been a while, right? Well feast your eyes on this work of art!


Well, I have to thank them for preaching that good word with their latest Windows phone TV ad. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of the back and forth between Samsung/Android and Apple. How bout both of y’all calm your tits and concentrate on your own product, not your competitor. It’s so juvenile and people are going to like what they regardless of how petty your ads are.

And while the Windows ad is truthfully funny, they’re employing the same “bash the competitor” mentality that Samsung uses, so they’re not whole lot better. It’s like political season all over again. Le sigh…

“I think they like fighting.”

Apple used to poke, incessantly, at Windows, back in the day. Remember the Mac vs. PC ads? Those were hilarious to me, and I’m a lifelong PC user!

In any case, I’m quite liking the direction Apple has been going lately, with their ads. See the most recent offering, below:


THIS is what a mobile phone manufacturer should be putting out into the world.

And having said all that, no way I’m buying a Windows phone. I’m an app addict, and the Windows phone offerings are just not up the standard I’ve become accustomed to with the iTunes App Store.