This morning, Justin Timberlake announced his solo tour dates for this fall’s The 20/20 Experience World Tour. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here and see if he’s coming to your hood.

Let’s start with the positive: JT IS COMING TO OHIO! TWICE! No, seriously, this is a huge deal. Usually artists as big as him don’t show a lot of love to the Midwest when they do major tours. They think a stop in Chicago and Detroit covers everything. Well, it doesn’t, people!

Midwesterners, in my neck of the woods, have plenty of options for this tour. Columbus and Cleveland Ohio, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Louisville are all within a 3 hour drive. Oddly enough, there aren’t the usual Detroit and Chicago stops. I approve, Justin. I approve!

What I don’t approve of is the timing of all of this. JT announced his tour dates today. He doesn’t start until October 31st, but he’s putting those suckas on sale next week!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Pump your breaks, Timberlake! We’re not all multimillionaires! Some of us need more than 7 days to gather the necessary funds to pay for your super expensive concert tickets! I want you to take my money, but please, give me more than a minute to gather it! We’re in a recession, dammit!

I’m working it out, thanks to a friend, but this is a rant that I let loose on Twitter on a regular basis. I really, really, really need to start a “Concert Fund” and regularly pour money into it, so I’m ready when these artist pull this crap. Because, really, they do it all the time! Why haven’t I adapted yet? Well, I will! Some people have rainy day funds, or general savings accounts. Suz is going to have a a “Concert Fund” and that’s perfectly normal, you guys!

Where’s a Ticket Oak when you really need one?