It’s no secret that I’m an iPhone addict. I am always on my phone doing something. Whether that’s checking Twitter or taking pics/video, it’s always something!

A late night channel surfing stop on QVC (I know, I know) had me purchasing the Halo Starlight charger late last month. The presentation was great, and buying backup power for my baby is super practical! Not to mention that, should I ever take the plunge and switch to Android, my Halo charger would charge that phone as well, as well as any iPod I may own in the future. (I’ve been thinking about possibly jumping to Galaxy S4 w/ an iPod touch on the side)

But I didn’t stop there. I snagged a deal from Eversave for an iPhone charger case. I had had a referral, so the full price of the retail $75 case ended up being about $9. Then I remembered that I had a really cheap backup charger from Digipower that the salesman from Radio Shack gave me free, when I upgraded to my current phone. It looks like this product.

So, right now, I’m in the middle of some heavy duty testing!

At 11:55PM tonight, my iPhone 4 was at 30% power. Plugged in fully charger iPhone 4/4s External Battery Booster Case, from Widget Love (via Eversave) and it charged to 70% in 2 hours and then crapped out on me. So I got a 40% charge, which is the same as my Digipower charger that came w/ my iPhone 2.5 years ago.

Combined, these 2 chargers should give me a 80% bump, but I’m not sure how long they hold that charge. Like, if I fully charge them, then throw them in my purse, will they give me that combined 80% charge a day later? A week? A month? Something tells me they won’t, and I’m too lazy to think of charging them every night. No thanks!

And keep in mind that I keep a wall/car charger and cable in my purse. You never know, right?

I looked around on eBay and Amazon (where I have $10 in credits waiting thanks to SwagBucks) and these cheap-o backup chargers are everywhere. Upon further inspection, the same charger case I just got for $9 appears to be available, in an assortment of colors, for $14.38.

Also, Eversave is featuring another lipstick charging device, similar to my Halo, but it’d only cost me a total of $9 again because of referral discounts. So, do I get that or another one or two of the cheap-o cases? Keep in mind the Halo Starlight charger is $38 and I can return in to QVC (minus the shipping costs) and get a refund. Right now I’m leaning towards returning it.

It’s a balancing act, for sure. But given how much I’m on my phone, and can’t stand to be without it, it’s worth it.

This post is brought to you by what we all like to call “first world problems.”

ETA: I wrote the draft of this a few days ago and immersed myself in research. As a result, I’ve sent my Halo back to QVC. I can get a portable backup, via Amazon, with much more capacity for essentially the same price. Especially when you factor in my e-Gift Cards from SwagBucks. I’m halfway to getting another $5 gift card. And when I redeem that one, I’ll put all $15 towards backup power. I could get 5x the power for the same price! Thanks, Internet!