You know you’ve thought it. You look at a man’s face, in passing, and marvel at how long and luscious his eyelashes are and think, “WHYYYYYYYY?!?!” Why do men need perfect lashes when we have to jump through hoops to get their effortless look? It’s an injustice, I tell ya!

Now, there has been some advances in technology and beauty products to help us with our underachieving lashes. Of course there’s mascara, but now you can also grow your lashes!
Mascara tube
Let me tell you about a company named MD (Measurable Difference) that specializes in lash growth serum, lash amplifying mascara, and other natural beauty products.

MD offers a wide variety of eye, skin, and body products that are not only high quality, but also backed by legitimate clinical trials. But thinking of eye lashes, extensive tests show that their products condition your lashes and aid in not only growth, but also density. You know, all those things we want from our lashes!

And what’s great is that you’re not the only one to benefit from MD products. A portion of every mascara sale goes towards the Women’s Refugee Commission. So you’ll look good and feel good at the same time. You really can’t beat that.

I’ve seen MD products in my local Meijer store, and I always think, “hmmmm, I’m going to try that some day.” I really should get on that!


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