Y’all. I’ve been running websites for well over 10 years. It’s kind of my “thing.” And I have a lot of them. Not as many as I used to, but still quite a handful. If I had to guess, I’d say I have about 15. Not all are active or regularly updated, but they are attached to hosting accounts.

As much as I have an addiction to create websites, I also am incredibly cheap. What would make sense to most webmasters, would be to get a big hosting account, with plenty of space and bandwidth, and host all their projects in one spot. But sensible just ain’t me! I pretty much move all my sites every year to a handful of webhosts, depending on the web hosting deals I find at places like SlickDeals.

For example, I just signed up for a year’s worth of hosting, from iPage, for $1. Yes. One dollar. Some of my smaller websites will live there, for the next year. It’s actually the second $1/yr account I’ve signed up for this summer. Hey, a deal’s a deal!

As I write this post, I am moving some of my sites from one webhost to another, because my 1 year, at one place, is up tomorrow. It’s not like I have a whole lot else going on, but most people would think I’m crazy. But it’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years, and it’s worked out really well. Keeps me sharp, as well. I won’t have to worry about forgetting how to backup accounts, update config files, export/import MySQL databases… you know, all that fun stuff!

So, if you hear about a webhost deal (that allows for hosting of multiple domains) and is less than $20/yr, hit me up. If I haven’t already heard of it, I’ll probably sign up. I stagger accounts, so I’m never without a few!

I’ve crunched the numbers. My method is sheer craziness, but it is cheaper than the all-in-one account option. It’s all about your priorities. I have the free time to move websites once a year, so I do it do save some money. I can use that money to feed some of my other addictions, and I have plenty!