We’re a third of the way through the month of August, which means I’m a third of the way through completing Luvvie’s #31WriteNow challenge! I just knew I was crazy when I decided to hop on board, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

Over the winter, I wanted to do something that would help me get back to posting more frequently. I was thinking about forcing myself (somehow) to post twice a week. It sounded so daunting, at the time. Now, look at me!

I’m finding my groove and it’s actually not so hard to find something to write about. Some days I’m even writing multiple posts and scheduling them for future publishing. I’ve got posts in my drafts and everything!

I can find post inspiration in just about everything. TV commercials, celebrity and sports news, things my cat does, personal stories, items/products I covet, advice, picture posts… There’s so much out there! And posts don’t have to be novels. A couple of paragraphs, and a picture, and you’re done!

Also a general rule of thumb I’ve learned over my years being a Twitter addict, is that if you dedicate more than 3 tweets to a subject, you probably have enough material for a blog post. Think about it! So, if you’re in a blogging rut, think about anything and everything going on in your life. You can do it!

Is anyone else doing this challenge? How is it going for you?