LeBron Gives Back

I’m going to talk about LeBron James for a minute, and there is not going to be a drop of slander in this post. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about that man on this topic, and neither can you. So, cut the crap and check out the good work this man has done.

Despite the running joke that he hates Ohio, LeBron does nothing but put on for his hometown (and state) at every possible moment he can. This was largely on display over the weekend.

King James went back to his alma mater, Akron St. Vincent St. Mary, and helped them reveal new athletics program uniforms that he donated the money for! And he wasn’t just there, he also modeled the new football uniforms! How awesome is that?!

Also, I don’t know if most people are aware that LeBron was an elite prep WR recruit in high school as well. Being the freak of nature athlete that he is, that really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The money he donated outfits all of the sports at SVSM, not just football. And on top of that, he donated another $1M to renovate the basketball gym. When it’s finished, it will be renamed LeBron James Arena.

LeBron is not obligated to do anything like that. He doesn’t have to stay involved to that extent. Hell, he could just cut a check and let that be the end of it. But nooooooo. LeBron takes time out of his schedule to be a part of the reveal. He wants to show his community how much they mean to him, and how much a part of him Akron still is. Respect.

You know those students got their lives from his appearance. A certain Ohio State football commit certainly did! That had to be a really amazing experience for them.

Way to go, Bron. Keep doing you!

BONUS: Bron even put a collage on Instagram: