I simply refuse to watch big TV events without being logged onto Twitter. The commentary, slander, and memes are priceless. I get my life each and every time, without fail! And after a big sporting event, ridiculous show, or awards show, I always wonder, aloud, how we ever watched TV before the invention of Twitter.

I know people were spread out over various message boards and what not, but it’s just not the same. Twitter is better. You’re literally viewing with the world in some cases! Instant feedback and a million different opinions and perspectives. It’s amazing!

And now it’s being reported that Twitter is testing a “Trending TV topics” feature for the platform. I think that’s brilliant. Before, trending topics, related to TV just appeared in your regular or tailored trending lists. If you were in an app, you’d need to visit that section of your app to see the topics. With this new feature (if Twitter’s official apps) it’ll turn up in your main timeline.

According to Mashable:

Trending shows appear as Twitter cards located at the top of your timeline, along with information and top tweets about the programming.

And TechCrunch adds the following:

“Once you refresh, the trending box shows up. However, when you start scrolling the box flows down with your timeline. Over time, or when an insane number of tweets come out about the show, the box goes back to the top.”

I typically already know when/why certain TV events are trending. A lot of the time I’m a part of it! When the SyFy’s Sharknado almost broke Twitter, my followers were already alllll over it! So, while I think this is a great idea, I hope Twitter is making the TL integration optional. I can see where some people would be annoyed by it appearing at the top of their timelines. And it will probably be used by advertisers trying to reach a larger audience.

This feature, as long as it’s limited to mobile platforms, really doesn’t affect me anyway. I don’t use any of Twitter’s official apps. I prefer Tapbots’ Tweetbot because it has a comprehensive muting functionality that I need to maintain my sanity on Twitter.

I’ll continue to tweet during big TV events. It’s too fun to miss out one. But what do y’all think about Twitter potentially messing with your main TL?