Google Maps

I’m really late with today’s post, but better late than never, right?

I want to briefly talk about Google Maps. And in particular, the Street View feature. It was something the good Lord must have placed into a developer’s head and then they implemented it for the masses.

It is simply everything!

I’ve been 3-4 “new” places in the past month, and I swear that if I didn’t have that street view at my disposal, I’d have gotten lost for sure!

I need to be able to lay eyes on exactly where I’m going, complete with landmarks and other visuals. Don’t tell he to head northwest for .3 miles. That does nothing for me. I’m not a compass! I need to know what streets to look for, how many traffic lights to go through, and finally, when to turn left or right! Basically I need “Directions For Dummies” in real life. Street view helps me with that.

I’m writing this post on my phone (thanks WordPress app), from a friend’s apartment that I’ve never been to before. Guess what helped me get here without any detours? You guessed it!

So, thank you, Google Gods!