2013 Ohio State Spring Game

It’s no secret, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that I am a huge college football fan. Gigantic. So much so, that my new followers numbers trail off after football season ends, and start picking up again, once it returns. I’m not mad. I think I’m far more interesting during football season. And apparently, the Internet agrees!

As I type this, the goodness that is college football, is on my TV. I couldn’t be happier! I don’t even care that I’m watching Minnesota football. I don’t care whose team is playing tonight. I just want to see as much of it as possible!

My team, THE Ohio State Buckeyes, get things started on Saturday, and I will be there! I don’t really care which games I attend. I just want to be in that stadium, w/ 105,000 of my closest friends, as often as possible. I love, love, love being able to go to the opener. It’s like our long, national nightmare (of no football) is over, and we are all being cured by the mighty hand of the Lord together. Was that overboard? Whatever. I don’t care. FOOTBALL’S BACK!