I don’t think I’ve pimped one of my favorite new services, IFTTT, on here yet. So now’s the time!

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” There are various news and social media “triggers” you can choose from, when, if your desired action happens, then another event (of your choice) will happen.

For example, if you post a tweet with a specific hashtag you determine, it will also post to Tumblr. Or, if your favorite blog posts an update, you will receive a text message. Those are just examples, but the amount of cross-posting productivity you can get done is limitless! I love playing with IFTTT, and as someone who manages a lot of fan pages, its invaluable.

But thinking outside of the social media realm, it can be very helpful in your day-to-day life. Check out the following “recipe:”

IFTTT Recipe: Send me an e-mail if there will be rain tomorrow

IFTTT can help send weather updates right to your phone!

But they’ve also integrated with services like Up by Jawbone, Withings, Belkin’s WeMo, and Philips hue. You can have your Philips Hue light automatically turn on at sunset.

IFTTT Recipe: Living room Light on at sunset

And then, if motion is detected in a room equipped with WeMo, it can send you a text alert.

IFTTT Recipe: Text me if sensor detect motion!

There are so many triggers and actions available to you. I end up finding a new recipe all the time! But here’s one that I recommend for all iDevice users who may or may not take a ton of pictures with their phones. If you don’t want to make a conscious effort to regularly back up your photos, activate the iOS Photos channels and automatically back up to DropBox, Box, Skydrive, Google Drive, and Flickr, among other choices.

Since Dropbox is my cloud service of choice, this is what I’d use:

IFTTT Recipe: iPhone Photos to Dropbox

And you can specify certain albums, whether or not it’s a screenshot, or if you used the front camera (AKA selfie mode). Pretty cool, right?

I just scratched the surface of what IFTTT can do. Check it out and see if it can help make your life a little easier!