Now, I know I said I was going to take some time off before I started blogging again, but dangit, I’ve got something to say!

I attended the opener of Ohio State’s 2013 season, on Saturday. There’s just something about sitting in 90 degree heat and 80% humidity, with 105,000 of my closest friends, that makes me look forward to this time of year. Nah, I’m a college football addict. I’d sit through just about anything to see my Buckeyes play!

And while I enjoyed myself at the game, I did come away with one huge gripe, and it wasn’t related to the weather or the team’s performance. It was how I had absolutely NO CELLULAR SIGNAL for the majority of the game! That’s simply unacceptable! And especially on the heels of Ohio State promoting their efforts to improve connectivity within and around the stadium. FAIL!

Now, most of the talk was around improvements provided by Verizon for their users. They set up 300 antennas, around the Horseshoe, that were the equivalent of eight cellular towers. However, the Verizon subscriber I was sitting next to, and another one I spoke with after the game, said they couldn’t even send text messages! If that’s what passes for improvement, I’d hate to see an announced setback! Ohio State should immediately demand a refund.

I didn’t expect my connection troubles to magically disappear for the first game. But I also didn’t expect expect things to be markedly worse than last year! Seriously, Verizon, get it together! How is Ohio State going to request fans, inside the stadium, tag tweets and Instagram photos with #TheShow (so they can show up on the big video board) if we can’t even connect to the Internet?

I understand that infrastructure adjustments take time, but don’t promote instant improvement if there indeed isn’t any. That’s all I’m saying. Do better.