McKayla Maroney is not impressed with Nook

I got an assist from Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney for this post. As I’ve stated before, I’m not the biggest fan of how pre-orders go down in today’s marketplace. That was reinforced Monday night, as I had to wait over 9 hours for my pre-ordered book to finally download onto my Nook Color.

When books from Cassie Clare or Veronica Roth are released (at midnight), I immediately download them and start reading. My tradition is that I don’t even go to sleep those nights. I just keep reading until I finish and then I crash. Yes, I am a binge reader.

So a wrench was thrown into my plans when midnight came and went, Tuesday, and I didn’t have Allegiant on my Nook Color. I refreshed. I logged out. I turned my device off and back on. I did everything I could think of, but the book would not download.

After an hour, I was desperate. I was able to start reading it on my desktop computer, which is so unnatural. I want to be wrapped up in blankets, in my bed, so I can get lost in the story. But noooooooo!

So, I tried the previously mentioned methods, again, to try and get the book to download, to no avail. Once 2AM (ET) rolled around, I was done. I turned off my computer and loaded my Nook app on my iPhone. I then proceeded to read the entire book on my phone. I took one break, around 10:30AM, to eat and run an errand, then I pushed through until I finished around 1PM. I am still completely broken by how the book ended (No spoilers here!) and I’m pretty sure my eyes will be mad at me forever.

I figured my Nook Color, which is considered ancient in this current era of e-readers/tablets, was the problem. But it was not. As I was impatiently and furiously waiting for the download, I searched Twitter and others were having the same issue, as is frequently the case with Barnes & Noble. Readers who pre-ordered via iBooks got their copies early! What is that sorcery?!

Needless to say, I will not be pre-ordering another item from Barnes & Noble again. And I probably won’t have to as I’ve been informed that my Christmas/Birthday gift from my mother will be an iPad. There I’ll have my choice of iBooks (iTunes), Kindle app, and the Nook app, to load and read any materials I may have purchased. And I can still drag-and-drop epub and pdf books using iTunes.

I won’t completely abandon Barnes & Noble’s Nook offerings, as I receive many digital magazines using their “Print Subscribers Get It Free” promo. I’m not here for buying both, so I’ll still be using my Nook app to read some of my magazines. I can read some titles, such as Entertainment Weekly, using my iPhone Nook app right now!

On the flipside, Amazon’s Kindle app doesn’t have a similar service, even though I can read magazines using their Kindle app. The drawback is I think you must buy a digital subscription or a print+digital subscription bundle if you don’t already own a Kindle or Android device. So, that’s not happening. And I know iBooks has a ton of magazine apps for iPad that I will try to take advantage of. Also, I will also be able to take advantage of the freebie mag subscriptions I’ve accumulated using the Zinio app.

Sometimes I see fire sale specials on basic e-readers and think, “oooooo, that’d be cool!” but I obviously don’t need it. I expect a lot of those deals to surface in the next few weeks, leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If they dangle a big enough deal, I could pounce. RadioShack had a basic Nook on sale for $19.95 back on mother’s Day! My mom isn’t a tech fan (and I have a Nook Color already), so I didn’t take advantage. In hind sight, maybe I should have. We’ll just have to see. I am a sucker for a good deal. Blame for that!

I still don’t know how I’d go about getting magazines or their apps, for iPad, but a quick search through iTunes shows tons of free iPad apps. Judging from the few iPhone magazine apps I’ve added to Newsstand, they ask for your account/subscription number, so if you have print version it’s free! I can dig that set-up!

Overall, things should get better once I break up with my Nook Color. It’s served me well, and I accomplished my original justification for why I even bought it: to read more. But it’s time to upgrade!