I have a nice little rule; if you don’t have to pay for something, don’t!

With all these social apps I’ve stumbled upon, in recent months, I’ve gotten a ton of freebies as a result of doing things I probably was already doing anyway. You know, like watching TV, going shopping, searching the web; stuff like that! Email alerts, via SlickDeals, as well as saved Twitter searches also help. If you keep an eye out, you can find a deal for just about anything you want!

I completed an order at Sephora today. I don’t usually shop there much, but I used a variety of discounts and eGift cards in order to save just about 80% on my order.

1) I found a Sephora employee to share a 2013 Employee Appreciation code with me. (Thanks, Facebook!)

2) Then I remembered I took advantage of a Groupon deal a few months ago. I got a $10 eGift card for $5.

3) Then I cashed in some SwagBucks points for a $15 eGift Card. I got it in my email today, actually! Perfect timing!

4) Lastly, a friend sent me a $5 eGift Card from Wrapp on Facebook.

Putting my eGift Cards together would knock $30 off my order total. Then factoring in the 20% discount, and I ended up getting $50 worth of products for $12 and some change. Not bad, huh? And the best part is that I paid for this order using funds from doing surveys over at OpinionOutpost. So, no cash out of my pocket whatsoever. That makes it free!

Combining all these income sources can give you some “play money.” You won’t be buying new cars or appliances, per se, but you can treat yourself to some relatively small stuff from time to time. I’ve already accumulated enough SwagBucks, since then, to redeem for another $5 eGift Card. I’m also sitting on enough ShopKick points for me to get a $10 eGift card. I think I’m going to save that one up for a Best Buy card sometime in December.

So what did I get with earnings? Two Bare Minerals products and a Sephora eye makeup remover. I would have LOVED to get the Bare Minerals products from QVC, but they don’t care about those of us with darker skin during their shows. It’s a shame (and a post for another day), so I took my business to Sephora.

I got the READY Touch Up Veil, in deep, and the Stroke of Light eye brightener, in Luminous 4, the deepest shade which is never presented on QVC. Those are 2 beauty items I’ve been eyeballing for months, so I decided to pool my gifts together. Mission accomplished!

What are your big freebie finds? Or are you saving to get your freebies? Sharing is caring!

*I used affiliate links in this post.