Considering I live in Ohio and not Texas, I didn’t figure to be as affected by Hurricane Ike as I have been.

We had Hurricane strength wind gusts (not constant, just gusts) that hit 75 mph yesterday. They wreaked havoc all over Ohio, and especially central Ohio.

Trees went down, taking power lines with them. Traffic lights were out, causing nightmares for drivers. Schools were closed, as well as gas stations, grocery stores, and other businesses. 6 lives were lost as a result of yesterday’s high winds.

The awnings on our house barely held on, even though they collapsed. I went outside to document it with my camera and the wind knocked me over. No, seriously. I was on my ass! Our neighbor’s tree completely snapped and it fell on our fence, crushing it. Better the fence, than our house! And unlike a lot of the area, we still have power. The phone service is out, but we don’t really use ours that much.

The governor has even gone so far as to declare a state of emergency across Ohio.

And again, we aren’t Texas, so I know we got nowhere near the damage those down there did. It’s a rare thing for the midwest to get hit like this by weakening hurricanes. Very rare. We usually only get some rain. Hurricane Ike really took all of us behind the woodshed in one way or another.