Stop what? Stop producing shows that suck me in and make me want to watch every week!

They first got me with the “It Factor” way back when. Remember that show? Then, more recently, “Work Out”. Next came “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” (which just won its second Emmy!). Now, I feel myself getting sucked into the Rachel Zoe Project. I was procrastinating doing a workout this evening and flipping channels. I stopped on Bravo and started watching and I loved what I saw! *bangs head*

I never got into Project Runway like a lot of my friends, so at least I resisted that, but come on! It’s like they are fine tuned into the types of programs I enjoy watching. And I’m avoiding Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style because I have a sneaky suspicion that I’d love that show as well.

It never ends!

Oh yea, and an hour after the show went off, I did stay true to my fitness regimen and did a weight training workout. Gotta keep it tight!

Here’s a video of Rachel on the Today Show last week, to promote the series premiere of her show: