Columbus to soon be without the CW?

Columbus to soon be without the CW?

After having to wait a full year for Time Warner to do the right thing and add the Big Ten Network, it appears they’re trying to screw subscribers out of another channel they should have.

TW has a contract with Columbus’ local CW affiliate, WWHO-TV that is apparently going to expire on October 2nd. I discovered this while watching my daily late night dose of South Park on the network.

WWHO-TV is alleging that Time Warner has refused to negotiate a contract extension and that if they don’t get the job done in time, the CW will be dropped from Time Warner’s lineup of tv channels. That’s just 2 weeks away!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I view the CW as an essential basic network much like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. You know, the ones you should be able to get even without cable. So it strikes me as odd that Time Warner thinks so little of its paying customers in that respect.

I watch so few things on the CW, that I probably won’t be all that affected, but it sucks for those people who watch a lot of the network. Competitors are offering credits and other deals for TW customers looking to switch companies.

I think it’s really shitty of this big, bad cable company to continue to jerk people’s chains like this. Cable tv costs too much for them to be pulling this kind of crap. Very disappointed in Time Warner cable his year. Can’t treat customers like that an expect to stay in business. The threat of hoards of Ohioans jumping ship if the Big Ten Network wasn’t added scared the big wigs at Time Warner enough to get the deal done. I don’t know the power of the CW viewers, but if they can organize, TW may find itself in hot water once again!