Back with a smoldering new single!

Back with a smoldering new single!

I would just like to direct everyone’s attention to the jukebox on the sidebar. If you’ll notice there is a new song at the top of the playlist. That song is none other than Christina Milian’s new single “Us Against The World”.

UATW is the lead single for her 4th (3rd in the US) studio album, which will be released by MySpace Records. That’s right, MySpace has a record label.

Christina is my girl. I’ve been promoting her career online and off since 2001. We not only work together, but we’re also friends. She is the most down to earth celeb I’ve ever met. Evidence of that is her getting in touch with me after I opened a fansite for her, and later flying me out to California to attend the Hollywood premiere of her first major movie. Whenever she’s on tour, she hooks me up with some backstage action. I always get a shout-out in her CD liner notes as well. She is the shizz, plain and simple.

I started as a place to promote her because I saw something in her and wanted to get the word out. Never did I think things would turn out the way they have. She owns the site now and it’s her official website, which I run on her behalf. There’s a new design (no, I did not do it. I am not a Flash person, unfortunately) and we’re ready to promote her new single, album, and movies!

So take a listen on the sidebar, or her MySpace page and if you like what you hear, please support my friend by buying her single from iTunes. She’s a talented artist and even greater human being who deserves success.

Happy listening!