“And, what’s the deal with Valentine’s Day?” – said in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice.

Why are people so angry and bitter? Let it be known that I usually hate the word “bitter” used in conjunction with anything having to do with Valentine’s Day. But, you know what. I do know why people are all bah-humbug (yes, I know, wrong holiday) when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Brands and card companies have turned the holiday into a couples thing instead of simply a love thing.

Think about it. Almost, if not all, of the advertising you see is for couples. That was not the message Valentine’s Day had in my household growing up, and I’m grateful for that. It wasn’t just about couples in a romantic relationship. It was about everyone you loved, be it a friend, sibling, pet etc. So yes, that included your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/boo-thang, whomever, but potentially so many more people in your life. I gotta say that I enjoy that message more. Growing up, we all got V-Day presents for each other. I got them from my parents and my brother, and we gave them to each other and yes, even our pets. It was just all about love!

And, if you’re a brand, why wouldn’t you want to emphasize love, in general? Wouldn’t that lead to more profits? I feel like so many people are anti-Valentine’s Day because they think it’s all about couples and they feel left out. If it were celebrated more like it is in my house that’d equal more money for retailers and more happiness for everyone else. Maybe my family was just ahead of the curve? 😉

Everyone loves somebody, even if it’s just yourself. So, don’t be mad, sad, or upset on Valentine’s Day. Spread the love! After all, “what the world needs now is love sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! xo